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-Coming Soon On Eager Beaver!
◆DEAD BARS - Dream Gig (CD)
◆WHISKEY & CO. - Ripped Together, Torn Apart (CD)
◆WORTHWHILE WAY - Braves / Momiji (7'')

-We have a bunch of records on sale from AWESOME labels like
A.D.D., Kiss Of Death, Fast Crowd, Yo-Yo, No Breaks, Drunken Sailor, Rumbletowne, Traffic Street(RIP), Dirt Cult,
No Idea, Dead Broke, Thrillhouse, Razorcake, Arkam, Added Warmth, Discount Horse(RIP), 86'd Fanzine, It's Alive,
Not Shy Of The DIY, Solidarity, John Wilkes Booth, Secret Pennies, Asian Man, Bloated Kat, Rad Girlfriend, All In Vinyl,
Specialist Subject, Toxic Pop, La Escalera, Do Ya Hear We, PIX, Tour Van, Say-10, Starcleaner, Waterslide, SP and more.

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